Operational Solutions

Our extensive knowledge of the bakery industry enables us to assist manufactures in maximizing yield and quality in addition to adding new technologies to propel the production even further. After analyzing your goals, we can guide you through your certification processes in order to integrate your products into the North American market.

Foodélice provides integrated management of all manufacturing steps, including packaging production, product management and logistic of bakery goods.

Our logistic approach also offers a «One-Stop-Shop» solution for certain clients who would buy in small quantities or geographically located far away. We manage the inventory locally and is certainly an added value since it allows offering a variety of the best products in one order. In this way, we reduce intermediaries and facilitate exchanges between manufacturers and their clients.

Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest technologies to bring the best products to our partners.

For example, our award winning packaging has also placed us at the forefront of the baking industry. These packages are sealed at our factory with a composite bag, made from a combination of polyester and paper, imported from Europe. This allows the product to freeze, store and bake without having to alter the packaging. The new bags deliver a high visual impact at the point of sale and products can even be reheated in the oven directly within the bag, if desired.

  1. Our expertise

Foodélice is pleased to provide a new way of envisioning food brokerage services. With 30 years of experience in North America and Europe, our deep knowledge of various food sectors such as supermarkets, clubs, restaurants, hotels and convenience stores, and with our strong sales network, we are convinced we can make a difference in developing new markets for you. Working with a single agent combining expertise and knowledge for all your needs; this is strategic investment.