We offer branded and house brands. For this reason, we offer a full range of tremendous value and gourmet products that you can sell in the package of your choice, while meeting the needs of your most demanding customers.

Our products are made from simple ingredients with no artificial flavors or additives. Our production method respects the traditional bakery art in a certified and efficient world-class factory.

Custom Programs!

Yes we are passionate for food! But we are driven by innovation and determination to always meet the needs of our partners. We have strong abilities to develop diverse source of palette. That is why our speed to market approach for new products or packaging is unique.

New Frozen Artisan Bread Section

Consumers are now enjoying preparing at home (within 5-8 minutes), true artisan breads.
100% baked frozen. Easy to prepare at home.
Superb appearance and great tasting
Natural ingredient base and low carb options
Certified Non-GMO, Peanut Free, Vegan, Kosher (Pas Yisroel)
Great consumer value

Pâte à choux trend

Our cream puffs are fresh, creamy and literally melt in your mouth. They’re filled with real 35% whipped cream, cream with fruit flavors or custard – making them delicately sweet and flavored to satisfy all customers looking for exceptional homemade style products. Made from butter, they are decadent desserts for all occasions.

Thaw and Sell Artisan Bread Trend

Our Take & Bake program is a unique and innovative solution for the retail market.

This new approach allows the sale of authentic artisan breads (no preservatives) without the need for extra baking.

Our gourmet breads are made with natural ingredients with a technique that preserves the artisanal bakery method, with special attention paid to the hydration and fermentation process.

The innovative packaging delivers high visual impact at the point of sale.

Easy to mass merchandise during peak periods, it takes no time to prepare, eliminates the risk of product shrinkage and the fact that they are sealed assures the kosher and peanut-free certifications.