Your business

We understand that house brands are a significant part of the sales market. For this reason, we offer a full range of affordable but high quality products that you can sell in the package of your choice, while meeting the needs of your most demanding clients.

At Foodélice, our commitment to using simple and healthy ingredients is paramount. We use wholesome ingredients like butter, eggs, and fresh fruit (apples, wild berries) our products are peanuts and kosher.

The Foodélice team works diligently to meet the latest trends in the baking industry. We offer a wide variety of delicious products that appeal to an increasingly sophisticated consumer who wants alternatives to old standbys. From our tasty Gourmet NY Babka, to our mouth-watering brioche breads and epicurean pastries, consumers have access to a wide choice of products that will satisfy the most discerning palate.

Our ability to find innovative products worldwide while respecting the standards of our clients sets us apart. We select and offer only the best and trendiest products to manufacturers and our clients.

Our attention to efficiency and profitability translate into savings for our partners. Our Take and Bake program is a prime example of an innovative solution for the retail market. This easy to prepare approach allows the sale of natural artisan breads without requiring extra baking. Just thaw and sell. A reduction in the time your employees handle products reduces labor costs –which is positive for your bottom line. This method also eliminates shrinkage and products are priced to allow for an increase in profit margin.