Our Take & Bake program is a unique and innovative solution for the retail market.

This new approach allows the sale of authentic artisan breads (no preservatives) without the need for extra baking.

Our gourmet breads are made with natural ingredients with a technique that preserves the artisanal bakery method, with special attention paid to the hydration and fermentation process.

The award winning innovative imported packaging (Summit International Award), made from polyester and paper, delivers high visual impact at the point of sale. Micro-perforation ensures a proper freeze and thaw process and allows you to warm the bread in the oven directly in its packaging.

Easy to mass merchandise during peak periods, our packaging takes less time to handle and prepare, and eliminates the risk of product shrinkage. The sealed packaging assures the kosher and peanut-free certifications.

Available Products

  • Traditional French baguette
  • Multigrain Baguette
  • Ciabatta baguette “Bakery Express”
  • Twin demi baguette ciabatta “Bakery Express”
  • 6″ Ciabatta roll
  • 6″ Multigrain ciabatta roll
  • Focaccia Triangle (olive oil)
  • 4″ Ciabatta roll
  • Diamond roll
  • Multigrain Diamond roll
  • Diamond olive roll
  • Italian bread “Bakery Express”
  • San Fancisco sourdough loaf “Bakery Express”
  • Ciabatta loaf “Bakery Express”
  • Rustic Loaf
  • Olive Kalamata Fougasse
  • Ciabatta burger sliced (olive oil)