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How to Maximize Bakery Sales

May 4th



Quote               Let’s Bake It Happen!

Bakery(IDDBA-IRI data)

Bakery results are similar to the deli department as they are very mixed. In-store bakery, with a much greater reliance on holidays and celebrations, continued to see down results, but packaged baked goods, cookies and crackers came in well above prior-year levels.


In-Store Bakery (IDDBA-IRI data)

Much like deli meat, cheese and prepared offerings, in-store bakery sales continued to be affected by closed or reduced operations. Sales for the in-store bakery (non-UPC, random-weight items, no UPC items) were off by more than 17% versus the same week last year. The only two items tracking in positive territory are bread and croissants.


Shopping Activity Changes

Total U.S. retail purchasing traffic continued its slow climb in the week ending May 23. Store
traffic increased, while online traffic decreased for the third week in a row.

Source: The NPD Group/Checkout, WE May 23, 2020



Interesting Facts

o It is clear that consumers will not go back to their usual grocery shopping habits for a good period of time.
o Due to the current circumstances, shoppers will continue to limit their number of visits, especially with new business reopenings.
o Data proves that conventional groceries have gained more momentum than discounters… Consumers are focusing on one stop shop rather than multiple stops.
o According to The NPD Group’s Darren Seifer, it is more important than ever for food manufacturers to demonstrate their product’s ability to provide safety, comfort and convenience for consumers.
o With summer quickly approaching and many parents expecting to continue working from home. Parents will be looking for more solutions to feed good quality and nutritious foods to their kids.
o According to a report from CNN Business, the sales of frozen food have increased by more than 40% during the 11 weeks that ended on May 16. While Americans were stocking up on frozen goods, they also needed more places to store all their food. The report also found that freezer sales are up nearly 200% since March.
o Consumers are likely to return shopping in fresh perimeter, looking for fresh foods that are safely prepared.

What does it mean for in-store bakery?

All those facts apply to in-store bakery and more. Shoppers are looking for alternative solutions to merchandised bread in crafted bags, bulk bins and seeking for gourmet baked goods that last longer?

What does it mean for The Mad Bakers?

The pre-packaged Mad Bakers and Oforno bread and roll line is perfect solution to meet consumer and retailer needs:
o First, The Mad Bakers are using ancestral bread recipes and traditional baking process to provide rustic and authentic artisan bread experiences.
o Breads and rolls are 100% baked frozen and packaged in a tamper-proof bag.
o 7-day shelf life (thawed out) – Coincide with ounce a week visit.
o Easy to merchandise – No labor required and easy to plan.
o Easy to mass merchandise while reducing risk of product shrinkage.
o Perfectly suitable for online grocery shopping.
o Can also be sold in freezer case.

We suggest The Mad Bakers and Oforno Brands:

o Artisan breads and rolls.
o Marketing prices that defy competition.
o Maintain store gross profit margins while no labor required.
o Attractive brands that can be merchandised in in-store bakery fresh department displays, freezer case and/or ideal for online grocery delivery.

Ask for The Mad Bakers and Oforno bread programs!
USA 954-997-9965
Canada 514-781-9787

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