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April 2nd, 2020

These past few weeks have been quit challenging for all. On a specific note, supermarkets are facing huge challenges, in order to continue offeringquality artisan breads to consumers. Those challenges include ongoing shortages of labor to prepare and bake breads, and more importantly, the challenge of preparing and merchandisingbakery products that are safely packaged. Bulk bins, self-service case and opened bags are out of the question. Paper bags with tape will likely not be the longer-term solution since it is only a tamper evident solution.

At The Mad Bakers and Foodelice, we have been offering those solutions for many years. Food safety has always been at the top of our minds in everything we do. In this current crisis, it is not time to take new risk. Proven solutions are the evidence.

Why our customers are crazy about our bread?

  • Delicious Tasting Experience. Soft and porous interior with a thin crispy caramelized crust.
  • Simple Ingredients: 6 simple and authentic ingredients everyone can pronounce.
  • Convenient 5-Minute preparation.
  • Tremendous value for the money.
  • The experience of true artisan bakery can now be enjoyed at home!

During those challenging times, what can The Mad Bakers’ program deliver?

  • Product arrives frozen in a sealed safety bag – Increase food safety.
  • No preparation required. Just thaw and sell – Significant labor savings.
  • Product has a 6-day shelf life on shelf – Significantly less shrinkage.
  • Product can be sold frozen or ambient temperature – Flexibility in merchandising.
  • Product can be re-frozen – Perfect for consumers.
  • Ideal for home delivery services.
  • Above all, a great artisan bread experience.

Reputed Brands available.

For more information please contact

Canada 514-781-9787            USA: 954-997-9965






 Lookout for the The Mad BakersBreadProgram.


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