Our expertise

The Foodélice team has 30 years of food industry experience in North America and Europe. We have an unparalleled knowledge of food and baking industries and have the ability to commercialize sustainable programs.

Our excellent knowledge of the Canadian and U.S. markets, combined with a vast sales network are valuable assets to our clients and manufacturers.

We have an ability to develop and find innovative products and bring them to you.

Your business

The Foodélice team works diligently to meet the latest trends in the food industry. We offer a wide variety of delicious products that appeal to an increasingly educated consumer who wants alternatives to old standbys.

We understand that house brands are a significant part of the sales market. For this reason, we offer a full range of high quality products at tremendous value. You can sell in the package of your choice, while meeting the needs of your most demanding consumers.


Foodelice has developed its business model to answer the needs of the new global food market.

Consumers have changed the way they purchase food over a week cycle.

They are looking for innovative products that meet multiple needs: freshness, indulgence, wellness, ethnicity, convenience and above all, value for their money.