Marketing Solutions

At Foodélice, we offer a comprehensive approach to marketing that is innovative and results-oriented.

With our extensive knowledge of North American markets and popular trends, we are able to provide manufacturers marketing research and recommendations to plan a strategic approach to business development.

Moreover, we help you communicate effectively with your market to continuously improve your presence and reputation.

Our comprehension of your needs will most definitely change your presence and success in the marketplace.

Operational Solutions

Foodélice provides integrated management of all manufacturing steps, including packaging production, product management and logistic.

Our logistic approach also may offer a «One-Stop-Shop» solution for certain clients who buy in small quantities or who are located in remote or distant locations.

Our Expertise

Foodélice is pleased to provide a new way of envisioning business development. With 30 years of experience in North America, our profound knowledge of various food sectors such as supermarkets, clubs, restaurants, hotels, cruise lines and airlines, and with our strong sales network, we are convinced we can make a difference in assisting you develop new markets.